What We Believe at “Maur2c

One of, if not the best way to grow your business, keep it fresh, and up to date is great advertising. Im young in the business but Im wise enough to know that understanding exactly what the customer wants and needs, communicating with them, showing professionalism, courtesy, and bringing new, creative and innovative ideas is one of the main bases of creating amazing designs. With over 10 years of photo manipulation and editing experience, I assure you that I take creating and design art personal, reaching and setting goals personal, and most of all “I take YOU very personal!”

The Artist

My name is Maurice Clay. I am a enthusiastic, creative out of the box thinker, that lives for the creation of art. I love all forms of art. I specialize in many different fields of design but my primary focus is photo manipulation, illustrations, cd covers and print advertising, web, photography, and magazine print ads. Freelance and entrepreneurship are my current focus.

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